New November 2000

November news letter A summary of the year's plastic news from India.

The Ecologist Article published in The Ecologist (UK) based on death by plastic of Lucknow cows.

These web pages have been published to support the publication of the book 'Life in Plastic', and provide information and analysis of issues arising from the use of plastic in India. In particular the site is for people trying to find solutions to the environmental, social and cultural problems with plastics and alternatives to this sometimes hazardous material.

This site includes updated news on plastics in India and internationally, obtained from newspapers and information sent to us. If you have any information about plastic issues you would like to share or wish to join our text only (short messages) mailing list, send us an e-mail -

Updated 11 November 2000

Our goals are:
  • To place plastics in the context of a sustainable materials policy for India.
  • To limit the amount of plastics we use. In particular for short-life, non-essential products.
  • For government to work with industry to phase out the production of the most harmful plastics (for example PVC) and invest in the development of renewable materials including bio-plastics.
  • To make producers take responsiblity for the products and waste they create, and take-back their products at the end of their useful life.
  • To stop the import of hazardous plastic waste into India for 'recycling'.

Through this web site we intend:

  • To establish a network and provide information for state wide initiatives that are working to limit the negative impact of plastics on India.
  • To provide up-to-date information on Indian national and state law regarding plastic (manufacture, use and disposal) and monitor the implementation of these laws.
  • To clarify common misconceptions about plastics, in particular recycling and the hazards of plastics etc.
  • To provide news on international action relating to plastics, for example bans and phase-outs, and product take-back initiatives.
  • Provide links and information on research institutions and industries working with bio-plastics and renewable materials both in India and internationally.