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Life and Times

The Last Yew, May 2000 St Mary's church Horham

It was a rainy day..... d

when David Bellamy and David Shreve from the Conservation Foundation arrived at the Parish Church of St Mary's, Horham, Suffolk, to perform the giving out of last Yews for the Millennium.

"Had it been fine, everyone would have been at the cricket and not here", DB said, his glass forever half full.



Representatives from over 250 parishes throughout the diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich came despite with their umbrellas and sensible shoes to collect their millennial yews.

Pictured here are representatives of the Parish of Metfield: Victor, Pru and Maggie.

The Sally army played a tune or two to keep us cheerful in the rain, until .... d
the Bishop arrived. (The Bishop of Dunwich - the Rt. Revd. Clive Young) d
and everyone took their place d
There was singing, lead by David Streeter, vicar of St Mary’s.... d
under the colourful umbrellas of various origins...... d

... reflecting the Suffolk farming tradition.

("Put British Pork Back On Your Fork.... EAT MEAT)

David Bellamy talked about the importance of biodiversity from Zarathustra to Francis Bacon. d
They cut the cake of much moisture and good things (as we discovered afterwards) d
And finally, down to the business at hand: David and the Bishop planted the yew for St Mary's (and discussed its long term requirements).... d
...as the 250 parish representatives queued in the nature of the wild graveyard to receive their yews. d
(they were quietly waiting under the font) bags

They were handed out by Libby, the great organiser of this national event, and today known as the lady with the hat

A young yew for a young girl. girl
Young yews by old pews. d
And by the pulpit an extraordinary story of a man called Harvey who used to scythe the graveyard grass, preserving the wild flowers. He died October last(1999) and one of the final things he did was to order the Millennium yew. h
The end. d