Foot Footprint Curriculum 2005


Making connections

Cocacola & Chai Footprint of Cocacola
Footprint of Chai
Circles and Lines


Bhopal & doing good
The Story




This four part curriculum was developed for Indian school children at Alice Project School Sarnath, over a two year period from 2002-4.

At the time I was exploring finding the right questions. Each module begins with ignorance, declaring what we know already - views, memories, facts etc. and what we do not know, then finding the questions. (Not knowing was generally a 'bad thing' at the time, and this sought to change this barrier to exploration. It was a deliberate celebration of 'I do not know'). At the end of each module, we looked at what we knew and said at the time, which was an amusing reflection.

The STORY is the vehicle for teaching English.

Images, flow charts, cartoons, drama mix 50/50 with words. The images more easily convey the important concepts and bridge the dual language.

Theatre to tell a story is as old as the hills in India, and is particularly strong in the Bhopal story.

All modules flow freely through the other curriculum disciplines to dissolve conventional boarders and work in circles. Everything is connected. For example: geology for oil (plastic), water-cycle and water science for water; maths for understanding the importance of volumes for the plastic industry; pottery for clay kullhuds; history for Bhopal

An outline of the modules is illustrated here, with PDF's of the full course.