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Life and Times

2007 Turning 50 in Aldeburgh


I was never sure why I chose the Wentworth at Aldeburgh: a relatively luxurious hotel in a place I had no connection to save passing happy moments: a recent poetry festival, odd occasions eating fish and chips out of newspaper sitting on the pebbles. Perhaps it was that thought harboured from childhood that I dreamed one day of living by the sea - Aldeburgh may be that place. And one day had better start now, with half a century spent. ald shell

Charlie was the first to arrive on Friday.
Over tea on the sofa he spoke of the importance of connecting to people.

Kate (looking so like Angela) and Dan (dedicated lover of nature) joined us for delcious dinner, catching up on where we are in our lifes journey: Kate teaching, Dan an environmental consultant. Will they one day soon have a child?

ald shell
Relaxing into time, I followed three Aldeburgh girls in and out of fashion nick knack shops. Their eyes, like flies, landed on objects, collectors now, to adorn their smooth skin, attracting mates, for nests to come.
Tea - time to read the newspaper: 'Economists may be warning of tough times ahead and homeowners fretting about the state of the property market, but one London nightclub remains undeterred. Today, the Movida nighclub will launch the world's most expensive Christmas cocktail, costing £35,000 a glass. It has already taken a small number of orders for the drink, named the Flawless. Among the first, Max Reigns, 28, a property developer - intends to give it to his girlfriend for Christmas.'
ald wright

Cousins united. (Jo was missed)
Berenice with her little bump (getting used to the new life taking over) and Richard, protecting, and easy with us all.
Richard and Linda driving all the way from Sheffield - (oh for a photo of Richards magnificent stripped shirt). Richard bringing us news we heard on national TV days later, of large wind turbine investment proposed - he comes from the main stream. Linda and I ran the next morning, along the sea, chewing our cud of old, talking bible and sexuality.

Simon and Lynn - bearing gifts of such thoughtful consideration: from Simon's childhood memory a picture of the old Aldeburgh drifter on the Ald, gift tokens to sail on Lady Florence, and a birthday cake, iced with photographs of Rachel aged 5 and Metfield Stores today.

ald menu

Sunday came the gathering of sisters:
Alou and Tinks and Clive. Alou and Tinks, daughters of John and Elspeth Little: John Little, my fathers friend, my unofficial godfather, and both Elspeth and John stalwart and generous friends to both my mother and I during my growing up years in Essex.
Penelope, husband Martin, daughter Mary-Ann - the Allwoods.Penelope daughter of Pam and Leslie Allwood, business partner of my father, friend of my mother and I, who introduced me to John Moss, became friend and mentor. In my head these two families were entwined in my conditioning, but, suprisingly, this Little Allwood meeting was their first.

Christine and Rob, perfect foils and present friends, to hoist me from the past to now, yet linked through roots to Norfolk.

Half way through the meal Penelope sat next to Barry who teased.
'Suprising you cann't remember us meeting before. We spent a week together'.

ald alou
Mina Bollingbroke, another part of the jigsaw - New Hall - arrivng out of the blue, with the story (told in front of the log fire drinking warmed wine) of finding her North Indian father.
So Mina was my first brush with India unwittingly.
ald mina

First thing Barry noticed was the stair nosings.
'Fancy that - all their carefully chosen style, expensive amtico floor, good carpets and they put these plastic cheap stair nosings.'

Finally, our evening together on Monday 10 December.
We shared: Long line cod, Duck with marmalade red cabbage.
The view from our room across to the sun on the sea.
'Cor, now that's what I call a sea view - can you remember one better?.'
'Acutally I can ….'
'Ullapool. We were camping. Our tent door opened out across the water
and the cockler, who talked to you of his cockling.'

ald rachel

Rachel, asleep after the fix of recording it, 50 years old.

Yes, the Wentworth was deeply old fashioned and comfortable, like an old shoe.
I did take some pleasure being the youngest resident there,
the mobile phone not working, removed from 'doing' actions.
And by the end, I was happy to leave, to return to the caravan in the forest, and get on with the rest of life.

ald rachel asleep