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Life and Times

Sleepy Valley

Sleepy Valley.Amid 70 acres of landscaped parkland, protected on all sides by woodland which is home to a family of roe and white dear HHP
Here we live as a co-operative of 55 static homes, each with its own supply of water and electricity. This site is unique in that each unit owner owns the freehold of the plot together with a share of the splendid parkland. vvan
Holton Hall was the former country seat of Lord and Lady Smythe and also the stately home of Andrew Johnston, agent for the Halesworth bank in 1853-62 and a benevolent landlord and farmer. HHP Old

The park changed hands several times before it was taken over at auction by the Air Ministry to be used by the American Air Force as living quarters for airmen based at the nearby Airfield. It was home to Zemke’s Wolfpack the famous American 56th fighter group, the 489th bomb group and later the 5th Emergency Rescue squadron.

Having fallen into disrepair, in I957 The Hall was demolished.


In 1968 a caravan park was created.

In 1981 the Holton Hall Park estate was put up for sale by the then owner, Jarman & Platt Ltd. The residents courageously bought the estate, forming a limited liability company, each plot owner owning one share and taking responsibility for the maintenance of the entire estate.

In 1994 Holton Hall Park was given the status of a 'County Wildlife Site', by the Waveney District Council, thus protecting it from further development.

The site is classed as a non-residential caravan park (every onwer must have another primary residence) and as such has to close during the months of January to March.