Professional Life from 1-5

1 ... 2000-2015: Book, Documentaries, Exhibitions, Photos

Returned to documentary filmmaking, now using own digital film cameras, sound and
editing equipment.

2014 to 2015 Teaching English at a rural school in the Punjab, near to Delhi, India.

2012 to 2014 Were dominated by renovating my barn and house, with just two video projects; a rave in Essex and the directing of a YouTube video on the sale of a Banksy original in nearby Thetford.

November 2011 Exhibition of photos 'Portraits from Africa and India' at the Wingfield
Barns Arts Centre, Suffolk as a fundraiser for an HIV/Aids charity. The exhibition
incorporated photos from Sierra Leone, the Veerni project in India and my work with
Greenpeace in India.

August 2010 showed 3 documentaries as part of the Harleston/Waveney Festival.

June 2010 held an exhibition of photos 'The Faces of Sierra Leone' at The Cut Art Centre
Halesworth, Suffolk to raise money for an HIV/Aids charity.

Nov 2008 made a short multimedia presentation, involving stills and music for local
government leadership in
Cumbria, UK.

Oct 2008 filmed a promotion film for a US car manufacturer about South Africa's leading
black polo player.

Feb/March 2008 filmed the 2nd part of Christian Aid's HIV/Aids prevention campaign in Sierra Leone. Also shot a 30 minute documentary about Christian Aids' programme to promote 'dialoguing' in communities to create more inclusive governance structures in Sierra Leone. In March trained young people in filmmaking skills.

April 2007 filmed the first part of 2 documentaries for Christian Aid's HIV/Aids prevention work in Sierra Leone. This and the above films have been shown in Sierra Leone, Ireland and the UK and at festivals. Shot stills in Sierra Leone for subsequent photo exhibitions.

Currently in production of a film using material from The East Anglian Film Archive contrasting the iconic medieval fayres that happened in East Anglia in the 1970s with present day festivals.

2000-2005 Directed and filmed a series of portraits of women.

a.2002: 'Lucy W' , the story of an English classical violinist who wins a scholarship to learn the secrets of playing tango with the masters in Buenos Aires in Argentina. On her return to the UK she recruits a tango band, 'Tango Volcano'. The film was premiered at the Purcell Room on London's South Bank.

b.June 2003: 'Ma Faiza' about an Indian lesbian DJ. Shot in Pune and Goa, India and Hamburg, London and Berlin. Shown at the Portobello Film Festival in London and subsequently shown at the Goa Film Festival in Jan 2005.

c. June 2004: 'Langar Hall' about UK hotel owner Imogen Skirving in Nottinghamshire. England in midsummer. Premiered in March 2005.

All 3 films are focused on the subject's past, present and future and have been shown as a 98 minute programme at regional arts centres. Most recently at Wingfield Barns, Suffolk.

2005: Photos
Photographed women in remote villages in Rajasthan, India for women's empowerment charity 'Veerni'.

1999/2000: Book
Wrote and published 'Life in Plastics' - the the impact of plastics on India- with co-author Rachel Kellett. The book examines the history of plastics and the toxicology of plastics in the wider socio-economic context of 'sustainability'.

2 ... 1986-2000. Greenpeace International

Toxics Campaign India: 1996-2000
Researched the chemical industry in India, including leading a scientific sampling tour of the most industrial polluted places in India with the
Greenpeace Exeter Laboratory. The results of both the science investigation and research were published in a report, 'The Stranger'.

Prepared and conducted a series of skill-sharing programmes with environmental NGOs in Delhi, Mumbai, Gugarat and Chennai to coincide with the publication of, 'The Stranger'.

With Rachel Kellett set up an NGO network, 'Toxics Link' : a physical and electronic network of NGOs campaigning on toxics issues in India.

Media Co-ordinator for Greenpeace International's Toxic Campaign. Based in London.

1990-1993: Campaign Co-ordinator of The North Sea Campaign
Based in Amsterdam and Paris co-ordinated the work of campaigners in 8 countries surrounding the North East Atlantic to stop emission of pollutants into the marine environment. Led political lobby activity, produced a series of reports and fact sheets. Co- ordinated boat and land based actions against polluting industries.

The climax to the campaign was the ministerial meeting of North East Atlantic States (The Paris Commission) in September 1992.

For the first time an international body agreed to aim for the elimination of toxic, persistent and bio-accumulative substances from the marine environment. The campaign was subsequently wound down after this victory.

1989-1990: Greenpeace Ireland
Initiated a GP Toxics campaign in Ireland. Work included preventing the construction of a national toxic waste incinerator, launching a direct action campaign against the chemical pollution of
Cork harbour. Highlighted the impact of intensive farming and pesticides on the Irish aquatic environment.

In 1989, as part of the Greenpeace North Sea campaign helped to set the end date for dumping industrial wastes and sewage sludge into the Irish Sea. Through relevant international forums, The Irish Government agreed to making substantial reductions in point and diffuse discharges of toxic and nutrient effluent.

1988: Photographer, Greenpeace Australia
Spent 2 months in Australia photographing five hunted species of kangaroos for the Greenpeace International Campaign. Photographs later published in a report.

Consultant for Greenpeace International on the Irish Sea Campaign. Set up a conference about the Irish Sea with representatives from local authorities and government of
Scotland, Wales, UK, Northern Ireland and The Irish Republic.

Created and organised an Irish Sea art exhibition shown in Scotland, UK, Wales and Ireland. Co-ordinated a scientific survey of Cork Harbour.

As a volunteer helped co-ordinate the research and action areas of the GP UK North Sea campaign.Targetted polluting industries in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Helped set up highly successful series of direct actions against industrial sea dump operations off the North East Coast of the UK.

3 ... 1972-1986: Freelance Film Making

1984-1986: UK National Film School
Made 3 films with NFS students

1. A film of a 12 week Greenpeace circumnavigation of The UK, highlighting marine pollution from land based sources.

2. A film in The Falkland Islands about post-war land division.

3. A film with gypsies in the West of Scotland

1982: Channel 4. 'Hero'.
Recorded sound during production of this early 'Film on 4'.

1979: Producer/Director.
Produced and directed 2 films for the government of Kiribati in the Pacific on the subjects of developing the commercial and tourist potential of the islands in harmony with existing customs and ecosystems.

1978: Awarded BAFTA nomination
For sound recording a UK TV outside broadcast of Mozart's opera, 'The Marriage of Figaro' at The English National Opera.

1975-1979: Produced and directed sponsored films.
Including: a short film for cinema in Sri Lanka on the inauguration of a president. An award winning documentary about a parachute record attempt in Dubai.
Directed and edited a series of golf tournament films over a period of 3 years in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

1975: Film Editor
Edited for Perry Henzel (director of cult feature, 'The Harder They Come') in Jamaica.

1974-1972: Stills Photographer/ Sound recordist
Worked as a stills photographer on various feature films. and sound recordist on investigative TV programmes in the
UK such as 'World in Action' and 'Weekend World'.

1972: Production Manager
For film director Jane Arden's radical feminist psychodrama, 'The Other Side of the Underneath'.

4 ... 1967-1972: BBC Television Director

Directed documentaries for BBC, TV, UK. Over 20 films in 5 years, mostly arts programmes including films about sculptor Barbara Hepworth, satirist Roland Topor and cartoonist Ronald Searle in Paris, Composer Benjamin Britten and gypsies at Appleby Fair.

Between BBC contracts directed a 50 minute documentary, 'Youth in India' and co- produced the one hour biography, 'The Life of Margot Fonteyn', the ballet dancer, for London Weekend Television.

5 ... 1956-1966: Education

1966: Taught at a secondary modern school in Coventry UK.
1963-1966: BA Hons History at Sussex University, UK.
1962: Taught at primary school in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK.
1956-1962: King Edwards V1 School, Nuneaton.
1 scholarship level, 3 A levels, 8 O levels.